The Empower Evangelism Conference will be held February 23-25, 2015 and you’re invited to meet Mitch there. It’s free and you will experience some of the best preaching, music and training available anywhere in the world. The 2014 Empower Evangelism Conference will be held at First Baptist Euless and you can find complete information at

Personal Update

As many of you know, after selling our house on the river we lived in a small one room apartment while looking for a house. The house hunt did not go well, so in July 2015 we broke ground on a new home in the Oak Creek sub-division of Seguin. In January we moved in to our beautiful new house. God has been so gracious to Reva and I throughout this transitional period of our lives. We are blessed beyond measure and give HIM all of the glory.


​     2018 brings new and exciting ministry opportunities. While working bi-vocationally for the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention I have seen and will continue to see great opportunities to encourage and assist pastor's through out South Texas in carrying out the Acts 1:8 mandate. God has blessed us with a busy preaching schedule for 2018, but there are still several Sunday morning openings available for your church. 

​      The latter part of last year brought strategic challenges to our ministry. First Hurricane Harvey struck hard along the coastline of Texas and hundreds of hours were spent ministering to churches, pastors and individuals in the worst hit areas. Much of this ministry was done on behalf of the Southern Baptist of Texas, but our personal ministry was also very much involved. We provided for immediate needs of pastors whose personal homes were destroyed or received major damage. We distributed many Wal-Mart gift cards in the amount of $100 each to assist in providing for immediate needs such as personal toiletries, basic clothing, food and water. In some cases we were able to provide even more assistance through ministry grants. All of this was made possible through your faithful giving to our ministry.

​     Additionally, through our association with the ministry of the SBTC, we had a part in distributing over two million dollars to churches and individuals struck by Harvey. Please continue to pray for those in the Coastal Bend area of Texas. Recovery in not near complete and assistance is still needed. If God leads you to participate in this ministry through our ministry, you can simple mail us a check or you may click on the "DONATE" button on our home page to make a contribution.

​     On November 5 of last year, tragedy struck one of the churches in our area; a church in which I have preached multiple times. Everyone knows the story of Sutherland Springs Baptist Church and I will not repeat it here. As a Field Ministry Strategist of the SBTC, I spent every day from November 5 through November 18 at the church. I worked with Pastor Frank Pomeroy and other area pastors to facilitate the logistics of the many funeral services. I worked with the DPS and Texas Rangers to secure the premises. I was the primary coordinator charged with cleaning, repairing and re-opening the church as a memorial to the victims of the tragedy.  I guess you could say that for the first fourteen days I became a Jack of All Trades, there to do whatever needed to be done. That's what being a minister is all about. It was the most burdening and difficult days of my ministry, but also the most rewarding. Please continue to lift this wonder church up in your prayers. 

​     Again, thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. Without you the extent of our ministry would be limited. We appreciated your ministry partnership.​